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Ser Aegor Rivers, often called Bittersteel, was a renowned warrior and one of the Great Bastards, fathered by Aegon IV. His mother was Barba of House Bracken. In his arms, he combined the the coat-of-arms of his parent: a red stallion, for House Bracken, with black dragon wings, for House Targaryen, on a golden field.


He was tall and well-made, but also lean and lithe. He had purple eyes, black hair and a close-cropped beard.



Aegor was angry his whole life, but reserved particular loathing for Bloodraven, whose mother had replaced his as their father's favourite, he also loathed Bloodraven further when Shiera Seastar, the half-sister of both Bloodraven and himself, whom both men desired choose Bloodraven over himself.


In the Blackfyre Rebellion, he sided with his other half-brother Daemon Blackfyre. During the Battle of the Redgrass Field, Aegor commanded the right of Daemon's host. Upon Daemon's death, Aegor rallied his troops, and charged Bloodraven's archers, taking out his half-brother's eye in the process.


Managing to recover Blackfyre, the Targaryen family sword, Bittersteel fled Westeros at the end of the Rebellion, to the Free City of Tyrosh with Daemon's remaining sons. He served a year with the Second Sons before leaving to create the famous mercenary organization the Golden Company to stop the loss of support for the Blackfyres as the other exile lords began to join other mercenary companies. Despite the notorious unreliability of sellswords, the Golden Company is reputed to have never broken a contract, and reference to their founder can be seen in their words; "Beneath the gold, the bitter steel."


On his deathbed, Bittersteel commanded the men of the Golden Company to boil the flesh from his skull, dip it in gold and carry to before them when they cross the sea to retake Westeros. His successors had followed his example.

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