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House of the Dragon

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Intervista a Ryan Condal dell'Hollywood Reporter.




In un passaggio lo showrunner mi sembra molto possibilista e ambiguo su quando e come HotD finirà.



I’m very focused on the 10 episodes in front of me at the moment. There’s definitely more storytelling to come after season two. This is the story of a Targaryen dynasty that marches on for 150 years after the events in the season one finale. Kings and queens come and go as the history marches on. So the question is less where this story ends and more where does the curtain fall [on the show]. Because it’s an ongoing history being written George as we go. It’s not like The Song of Ice and Fire books where the end is the end of the story. This is the end of a chapter in the story, and then another chapter begins. So “I don’t know yet” is the honest answer. But we will take the time that we need to tell this story and when it dramatically needs to come to an end, it will come to an end.



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34 minuti fa, Jacaerys Velaryon ha scritto:

Emma D'Arcy e HOTD nominati ai Golden Globe.


Peccato per Paddy Considine, che secondo me avrebbe meritato una candidatura.

Ai Critics Choice, HOTD candidata miglior serie drammatica, Matt Smith per supporting actor e Milly Alcock supporting actress

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Intervista a Ewan Mitchell:




Alcuni passaggi hanno stimolato delle teorie, per esempio:


“That was one of the first things [showrunners] Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik wanted to think about: the legend of The Cyclops in Greek mythology, and how he ultimately traded one of his eyes to Hades in order to see the day he would die,” Mitchell says, rubbing his freshly-buzzed scalp (wig-fittings are in full swing for the second season of HoD).


“What does that do to a person, to possess that extreme degree of self-certainty? To know the day you’re going to go down, and feel bulletproof to a point. I’m not saying Aemond is a seer, but he’s scary perceptive.”


Magari Aemond non è un veggente, tuttavia SPOILER


farà la conoscenza di una certa strega.


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HOTD è al sesto posto nella classifica di Seriangolo delle 30 migliori serie televisive del 2022: https://www.seriangolo.it/2023/01/le-30-migliori-serie-del-2022-top-10/


Intanto, secondo un rumour, l'uscita di Miguel Sapochnik dalla produzione della serie sarebbe legata a un presunto caso di nepotismo: https://www.indiewire.com/2023/01/house-of-the-dragon-miguel-sapochnik-wife-hbo-1234795758/?fbclid=IwAR29Y4U8t5DZtHzvK8DlMXhLtEDVYf9iDQgE5-GSVcUoko9HmjwvnmEddos

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Interessante che all'inizio Sapochnik neanche volesse far parte del progetto. Allego un lungo articolo che credo tuttavia esser già stato condiviso da @Jacaerys Velaryon.





The second critical piece of the creative team was Sapochnik. The Emmy-winning director helmed some of the most acclaimed — and difficult — episodes of Thrones (such as “Hardhome,” “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter”). Sapochnik’s talent was almost legendary on the Thrones set, with the director having endured 11 weeks of consecutive night shoots during a freezing Northern Ireland winter while retaining a preternaturally sharp command of the cast and crew.

Sapochnik was, to put it mildly, reluctant to get pulled back into the world of Westeros. “Miguel said, ‘I’m never doing Thrones again,’” Condal recalls.

Once again, a fortuitous relationship played a key role. Sapochnik was already friends with Condal and had agreed to help develop Dragon, giving guidance as somebody who knew the original show’s “secret sauce.” Along the way, Sapochnik gradually became entwined with the project.


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