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| Nome = Owen
| Cognome = Merryweather
| Casata = [[Nobile Casa Merryweather]]
| Titoli = [[Primo Cavaliere]]
| StemmaF = St_Merryweather


[[Owen Merryweather]] è [[Primo Cavaliere]] nella seconda parte del terzo secolo dalla [[Conquista]].<ref name="ACOK03">[[ACOK03]]</ref>




== Resoconto biografico ==
Owen Merryweather è investito [[Primo Cavaliere]] durante il regno di [[Aerys Targaryen (Aerys II)|Aerys II Targaryen]]. Condannato all'esilio, muore senza terre né soldi.<ref name="ACOK03" />


== Titoli ==
{{Successione | Carica = [[Primo Cavaliere]] | Logo = St_Merryweather | Nome = [[Owen Merryweather]] | Durata1 = ???-??? | Predecessore1 = ??? | Successore1 = ???}}


== Note ==
<references />



{{Portale | Argomento1 = Personaggi}}


<noinclude>[[Categoria:Nobile Casa Merryweather]] [[Categoria:OP]] [[Categoria:Personaggi]] [[Categoria:Primi Cavalieri]]</noinclude>

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32 minutes fa, Lord Beric dice:

Ad ora non abbiamo nessuna informazione su come è passato dall'essere Primo Cavaliere ad essere esiliato?


Merryweather fu punito perché i suoi sforzi nel contenere la ribellione si rivelarono troppo deboli e fallimentari.


So Spake Martin: Young Lord Connington (August 25, 2000)


Aerys initially replaced Lord Tywin with the elderly, amiable Lord Merryweather, a courtier who was famed for throwing lavish feasts and flattering the king shamelessly. When Robert and Ned and Jon Arryn began their rebellion, Merryweather declared them outlaws and sent commands to various lesser lords to deliver them or their heads, but never stirred from King's Landing.

His methods proved largely ineffectual.. so much so that the paranoid king suspected him of deliberately helping Robert through inaction. So he stripped Merryweather of lands, title, and office and sent him into exile, and chose a very different man for Hand -- the young, vigorous Lord Connington, a friend of Rhaegar's who had a great reputation as a warrior.



The World of Ice and Fire - The Fall of the Dragons: Robert’s Rebellion


Robert Baratheon proved himself a fearless, indomitable warrior as more and more men flocked to his banner. Robert was the first over the walls at Gulltown, when Lord Grafton raised his banner for Targaryens, and from there he sailed to Storm's End—risking capture by the royal fleet—to call his banners. Not all came willing: Aerys's Hand, Lord Merryweather, encouraged certain stormlords to rise up against Lord Robert. Yet it was an effort that proved fruitless following Lord Robert's victories at Summerhall, where he won three battles in a single day. His hastily gathered forces defeated Lords Grandison and Cafferen in turn, and Robert went on to kill Lord Fell in single combat before taking his famous son Silveraxe captive.


A Dance with Dragons - Epilogue


Ser Kevan wished that he could share his certainty. He had known Jon Connington, slightly—a proud youth, the most headstrong of the gaggle of young lordlings who had gathered around Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, competing for his royal favor. Arrogant, but able and energetic. That, and his skill at arms, was why Mad King Aerys had named him Hand. Old Lord Merryweather's inaction had allowed the rebellion to take root and spread, and Aerys wanted someone young and vigorous to match Robert's own youth and vigor. "Too soon," Lord Tywin Lannister had declared when word of the king's choice had reached Casterly Rock. "Connington is too young, too bold, too eager for glory."

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