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"Let me give you some advice, bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." (Tyrion a Jon Snow )


"Where do I begin, my lords and ladies? I am a vile man, I confess it. My crimes and sins are beyond counting. I have lied and cheated, gambled and whored. I'm not particularly good at violence, but I'm good at convincing others to do violence for me. You want specifics, I suppose. When I was seven, I saw a servant girl bathing in the river. I stole her robe and she was forced to return to the castle naked and in tears. I close my eyes, but I can still see her tits bouncing...
When I was ten, I stuffed my uncle's boots with goat sh**it When confronted with my crime, I blamed a squire. Poor boy was flogged, and I escaped justice. When I was twelve I milked my eel into a pot of turtle stew. I flogged the one-eyed snake, I skinned my sausage. I made the bald man cry into the turtle stew, which I do believe my sister ate. At least I hope she did. I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel..." (Tyrion confessa i suoi "crimini")


Inutile cincischiare. Voto Tyrion Lannister /Peter Dinklage

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Tyrion Lannister /Peter Dinklage



Donerò il mio voto a chi mi riesce a convincere su questo quesito: è più da bimbominkia votare Tyrion o votare Arya? Tenete presente che io voterò il personaggio più bimbominkia..... <img alt=" />


Vota Tyrion!!!! xk ank s è 1 nano è trp kawaii!!!!111!!!11! <img alt=" />

Credo sia il massimo che riesco a fare, almeno premia l'impegno, vota Tyrion <img alt=" />

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