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Durante la prigionia di Davos nelle celle di Roccia del drago Lord Florent Afferma:

“…Questi discorsi della pietra del drago .Follia, te lo assicuro, pura follia! Non abbiamo imparato proprio niente da Aerino Brightfyre , dalle nove magie, dagli alchimisti ? Non abbiamo imparato niente da Sala dell'Estate? Nulla di buono è mai scaturito da tutti questi sogni di draghi, io l'ho detto ad Axell…”

Chi fosse Aerin Brightfyre e cosa cercò di fare ci viene detto , sala dell’Estate è più misteriosa ma qualcosa tra il poco e il niente si sa.

ma... Cosa sono le Nove Magie ? qualcuno ne sa qualcosa ?

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Sono decisamente 9 "maghi" :)



"He is always with the red woman, and . . . he is not in his right mind, I fear. This talk of a stone dragon . . . madness, I tell you, sheer madness. Did we learn nothing from Aerion Brightfire, from the nine mages, from the alchemists? Did we learn nothing from Summerhall? No good has ever come from these dreams of dragons, I told Axell as much. My way was better. Surer. And Stannis gave me his seal, he gave me leave to rule. The Hand speaks with the king's voice."


"Lord husband," said Queen Selyse, "you have more men than Aegon did three hundred years ago. All you lack are dragons."
The look Stannis gave her was dark. "Nine mages crossed the sea to hatch Aegon the Third's cache of eggs. Baelor the Blessed prayed over his for half a year. Aegon the Fourth built dragons of wood and iron. Aerion Brightflame drank wildfire to transform himself. The mages failed, King Baelor's prayers went unanswered, the wooden dragons burned, and Prince Aerion died screaming."
Queen Selyse was adamant. "None of these was the chosen of R'hllor. No red comet blazed across the heavens to herald their coming. None wielded Lightbringer, the red sword of heroes. And none of them paid the price. Lady Melisandre will tell you, my lord. Only death can pay for life."



Yet together, Aegon and Viserys ably dealt with the remaining turmoil in the realm. One such incident was the troublesome appearance of several pretenders claiming to be Prince Daeron the Daring—the youngest brother of Aegon II who was killed at Second Tumbleton but whose body was never identified—leaving the door open for unscrupulous men to make their false claims. (But those feigned princes have since been conclusively shown to be imposters.) They even attempted to restore the Targaryen dragons, despite Aegon's fears—for which none could blame him after witnessing his mother being eaten alive. He dreaded the sight of dragons—and had even less desire to ride upon one—but he was convinced that they would cow those who sought to oppose him. At Viserys's suggestion, he sent away for nine mages from Essos, attempting to use their arts to kindle a clutch of eggs. This proved both a debacle and a failure.


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